Live Reviews — 03 April 2011
Review: Robbie Jalapeno and The Faceless Bureaucrats – Manhattan’s Bar

Sunday 27th March 2011 – Review By Katie Rolston

A balmy Sunday summer evening in the cool, little dungeon that is Manhattan’s Bar was a well played choice of venue for AND THE FACELESS BUREAUCATS to launch their new AA side single “Far Horizons/Nosferatu”.

The crowd was barely 100 strong but those not there definitely missed out. This particular type of music is a rarity in Perth’s scene and the best way to listen to it is live. It showcased the talent of Jalapeno’s band and the real dynamic of music production.

They opened set with “Father Rises” which was the perfect start, setting the tone for the entire show. Deep, rich and lazy vocals infiltrated the crowd and travelled well beyond the doors of the venue.

’s band showed how unique sound can become with the right creative elements supported by years of experience. The sound draws you in with so much flavour and layering and depth that the air you breathe seems thick. Even eyes seem tunnel-visioned.

“Far Horizons” incorporated distant female vocals making themes seem dream-like, unobtainable and for observation only. Violin was a central element in the song but everything made everything work so it was hard to compliment without praising all.

The second single “Nosferatu” was more distorted in sound and more real, making it a contrast to the high felt stumbling through cacti created within “Fair Horizons”.

World music-esk, jungle percussion and the gorgeous strings of a single guitar, mandolin, violin and double bass really produce a mellow yet contemporary swing on stereotypical Mariachi. It produces the will to explore at a snail’s pace and devour every single beat produced by every single element.

This single definitely seems timeless and shows true music smarts. You don’t just watch Robbie Jalapeno and the Faceless Bureaucrats, you soak them up. It literally makes your skin tingle by your own heartbeat following the music. This launch is a true example of experience and a band working together to produce well composed, amazing music that is good for centre of attention or left of centre depending on your mood.

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