Live Reviews — 25 January 2012
Review : Lydia @ Amplifier 18/01/12
Wednesday 18th January, 2012 – Review By Michael Francis Antonas

A band who span three albums and have been around since 2003, US group were in Perth performing live for the very first time. Support was provided by local acts and PLACE OF INDIGO, along with an interesting mix of fans.

fit the bill and the four-piece kicked the evening off playing a comfortable set oozing with warm distorted guitars and smooth keys and bass, which provided some rather tasty groove. With soaring poppy vocals, it became an emotional treat. Well rehearsed with strong melodies and dynamics.

Place Of Indigo followed, playing a strong set and provided punters with something out of the ordinary. The dark brooding vocals of the lead singer Sam Joyce along with clean, crisp chorus laden guitar, made you reminisce of Cure days. The keyboard work blended nicely and added interesting texture and soothing melody to fill out Indigo’s overall sound. The bass and drums were tight and sharp and it’s hard not to get into a drummer when they play with so much passion and pizzazz. A very powerful drawn out post-punk set, it was hard to look past these guys and I know they left a lasting impression on all who saw them.

Headline act Lydia took to the stage cool calm and collected, however they were looking rather cramped up on the small Amplifier stage. Not that they played the kind of music with any rhythmic movement. It was all about the mood. It wasn’t a full house for, although there were plenty of fanatic fans present and their enthusiasm made up for the lack in numbers. The set started out slow with the band warming into it. A wash of guitars, keys, bass and drums blared out from the stage. The heartfelt vocals then came to life and made the crowd jump for sing-a-long joy.

They played both old and new songs spanning their career, and pleased their fans wholeheartedly. The washy distorted guitars and the keys provided a full and melodic sounds cape which did drown out most of the vocals, making it near on impossible to capture any of the lyrical content being expressed. However, this small glitch didn’t seem to bother the crowd one iota. Before you knew it the show was over and the crowd was screaming for an encore. The band jumped off stage and left the lead singer to serenade once again. Chopping and changing his mind he was unsure of what to play until he decided to ask the diehard fans what they wanted to hear. He vaguely remembered the song they chose, yet he still gave it one last hoorah, until he forgot the second verse and asked the crowd for their assistance, “Cmon, you guys requested it.” Needless to say, it was an unexpected ending to a fairly mellow set, with it feeling like a camp side sing-a-long.

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