Live Reviews — 21 March 2011
Review: Frighteners Single Launch @ The Rosemount

Review By Katie Rolston

This particular Friday night at the Rosemount was an important one for local five-piece indie band FRIGHTENERS with the launch of the group’s debut single ‘Forgive My Memories’.

After the stage was heated by FURTHER EARTH, THE MYSTERONS and THE SWINES, the band were welcomed warmly by the basement crowd of around 150. Frontman Ryan Adair apologised in advance for his restricted on-stage dancing by a broken foot.

Breaks in the set left room for several thank yous which were given to specific audience members – evidence that it was a special night for the band and the audience was brimming with family and friends.

The crowd was dense but seemed to dwindle after the launch single ‘Forgive My Memories’ was played. However there were plenty of punters getting amongst it and having a dance to their heavy bittersweet melodics. The sound was well adjusted and kudos to the drummer who hit everything right on, although at times he seemed to be the only one in time.

Overall the band needed to tighten up and focus more on playing together than on their individual performances – something that comes with performance practice. Seeming more comfortable with their material would also be a plus but they definitely get points for confidence, significantly aided by crowd-stirring and encouragement from Adair. He is a true frontman and charmed the pants off everyone in the joint, shaking his hair with style.

They played toe-tapping favourites ‘The City’ and ‘Lenore’ which showed how well-formed they could be with older material in full swing and the crowd responded with more and more pizzazz.

On finishing the set they thanked everyone for coming down to this landmark event for . The audience cheered long after they finished and there were definitely five proud faces on stage.

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