News — 12 March 2012
Nicola Milan at The Ellington

Sultry, smooth and a little bit sassy, Perth songwriter and jazz vocalist Nicola Milan is back at The Ellington with her band ‘Milan’s Mischief’ featuring Ben ‘Piano King’ Clarke, Rohan Nelson on bass and Rick Webster on guitar.

Fresh from the successful launch of her new EP ‘Little Rendezvous’ guests can expect an evening of sultry Latin and soulful blues along with a selection of upbeat jazz favourites. This is Nicola’s last performance in Perth before she heads to the UK to promote her new book “Monster-in-Law: A Survival Guide” being published by Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers.

Nicola’s velvety voice and enchanting melodies will soon have you relaxing with a fine wine by the twinkling candlelight as you reminisce about long days at the beach and nights filled with stars.


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