Live Reviews — 30 January 2013
Live Review: JEFF The Brotherhood at Mojos
Sunday 27th January, 2013 – Review by Benjamin Arnold

On a slow moving Sunday night, a mixed crowd of people either too poor to afford a Big Day Out ticket or simply tired of the festival experience converged on the isolated North Fremantle bar; Mojos. Southern garage duo had managed to squeeze in a sneaky sideshow the night before they took the stage on the last date of the Big Day Out tour supporting their seventh album ‘Hypnotic Nights’.

As a small but healthy amount of people wandered through the doors and continued on to the beer garden to roll cigarettes, crusty looking THE LONG LOST BROTHERS stepped onto the stage. With well-worn instruments and joined on drums by Mitch McDonald from the Love junkies, the band set off into a very laidback set. Intricately picked chords laced with distortion made the songs swirl around the room, always feeling as if they were about to erupt in a violent display of screams and noise, instead settling to return to a wave of swirling fuzz. Taking some time out during the second song to restring a guitar, The Long Lost Brothers didn’t seem too phased about being taken seriously. As Mojo’s filled, reluctant patrons were pushed closer to the stage, just as the band was finding its groove, but unfortunately their set was cut short due to technical difficulties with the singer’s guitar. Moving right along…

McDonald, still covered in sweat from drumming earlier, moved away from the drum kit and towards the microphone, taking up a guitar for his own band THE LOVE JUNKIES. Opening with a mess of dissonance and feedback, McDonald let out a harsh scream to announce The Love Junkies had arrived and needed your attention, and they got just that. The crowd instantly taking a liking to the bands own brand of angst driven rock and roll, moved straight for the front of the stage to show some support and start a little mosh. Each song switched around quickly between heavy and slow pounding blues riffs, to full pelt grunge explosions – it was more than enough to get the crowd shaking their hair. The clear highlight of the evening, The Love Junkies delivered up a wild and technically precise show with boundless energy. It’s absolutely no wonder these guys have been receiving so much radio and festival attention of late. They deserve every bit of it.

As took the stage they were greeted with a modest but enthusiastic crowd and wasting no time, they began racing through a set of short and catchy tunes. Front-man Jake Orrall made the most of his custom translucent, three stringed guitar to deliver some powerfully raw Rock n’ Roll while his vocals whined and howled along with the ear splitting drums and intertwined chugging power chords. As the set wore on and began approaching the one hour mark, the exhaustion and lack of interest started to show, notably in drummer and brother Jamin Orrall’s face who at times looked as if he was about to stand up and leave. With crowd numbers beginning to dwindle the two brothers looked bored and disinterested. Even as Jake jumped into the crowd to play a solo, there didn’t appear to be any heart or feeling in it. However, this look of disinterest might just be part of the appeal, and the reason why these two brothers have received so much attention so far out of America.

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