Live Reviews — 15 February 2013
Live Review: Descendents, Bouncing Souls & Bodyjar At Capitol
Sunday 10th February – Review by Amy Mowle
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A combination of Perth’s sweltering weather and the last minute announcement that Frenzal Rhomb had pulled out of the stellar lineup did not deter punters in the slightest on Sunday night as a queue formed in front of Perth club The Capitol.

, and THE were joined by Perth locals THE DECLINE on a rambunctious nation wide tour. Despite a few somber Frenzal fans still sporting the official band t-shirts in spite of the news, The Decline smashed out an impressive opening set that set the mood for the evening. Clearly ecstatic to have been hand picked (deservingly so) to play with such a hugely impressive line-up, The Decline delivered a tight, energetic performance that drew the already shoulder-to-shoulder crowd even closer to the stage in anticipation of what was to come.

graced the stage not long after The Decline wrapped up their set. After reuniting for a show last year, the semi-retired band hadn’t seemed to lose any cohesion during their extended hiatus. The Melbourne natives powered through their set with characteristic awkwardness paired with brilliantly tight delivery and almost perfect vocal harmonies. The audience were treated to the 90’s legends best as they showcased a slew of hits from their prime including ‘One In A Million’ and ‘You’re Not The Same’. Bodyjar’s youthful energy was gratefully reciprocated by the eager punters.

Sadly there are not so many praises to be sung for The . The set was flat at best, with frontman Greg Attonio almost moping around the stage with what seemed to be little interest in keeping up with the energy of the crowd or their fellow bill-mates. A few hardcore Souls fans kept rocking along throughout the lengthy set, but for many others in the audience it was a chance to refuel at the bar and prepare for what was to come.

I’m sure when the entered the stage almost everyone was thinking the same thing… ‘Surely they’re too old for this.’ I’m equally sure that when the band started playing, almost everyone in the audience immediately changed their minds. The entirety of the furious 29 song set there was not a fumble, instead a seamless wall of melodic punk sounds flowing into the audience like an audible drug. Frontman Milo Aukerman, an icon and veteran of the genre, mesmerized the crowd with his ceaseless energy and this was evident as the crowd screamed along to the hit ‘Suburban Home’. Of course, the audience went wild in demand of an encore and the band delivered four final songs, wrapping up a night of shit-hot quality punk and leaving the audience with a little experience of how things used to be done.

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