Interviews — 29 January 2013
Interview: The Georgians

channel punk rock energy, angst and hook-heavy songwriting into a contemporary version of the alternative rock that haunted the airwaves 20 years ago. It’s that mix of nostalgia and youthful enthusiasm that earned them enough fans (and, more importantly, votes) to win Space Ship News’ competition in December. We had a chat with the trio to find out where they come from, where they’re going and everything in between.

You’re a pretty new band on the scene, how did you guys form and how much time did it take in the rehearsal room before you thought you were gig ready?

“We’re all in the same circle of friends, but the band formed when Luke and Brady started jamming in Brady’s bedroom all the way back in March 2012. Then we approached Mike and started jamming as a band and writing songs. We were only jamming for about one month, recorded a demo at Fat Shan Records and then proceeded to look for gigs.”

You guys just won Space Ship News’ competition in December, did you ever think you were going to score as many votes as you did?

“We have good support so we were hoping to finish in the first few places, but to win was a nice surprise. We continuously spammed our friends and family with messages to vote for us, so we have to thank them for taking the time to support us.”

There’s a really gritty and dirty tone to your sound – is that what you set out to achieve or did it all come together more organically?

“We have a wide range of influences, but it really all came together almost by accident and we loved the sound. We all have different attributes to our playing. Brady (guitarist) enjoys playing and listening to alternative/noise rock and oddly enough this fit in with the playing style of Mike (drums) and Luke (Bass/Vocals). As for the dirty and gritty tones we produce, we all love that hard-hitting sound. In fact Brady just created his own custom-made distortion pedal that does exactly that.”

Although you guys are still quite a new addition on the gig circuit, you have managed to work your way through most of Perth’s live venues. Do you have any memorable gig stories?

“We played a gig at Mojos a few months back on a Tuesday night. We had very low expectations because we underestimated what the crowd would be like at 11pm. We were encouraged when we saw a large, drunk, and rowdy crowd and it was by far the most exciting gig experience we’ve had. There was so much energy from the crowd and we had a great time.”

Hypothetical: you’re booking a dream local show with you and four other bands. Who do you choose, where do you play and why?

“We would play with Tame Impala, Emperors, Sons of Rico, and The Drones. These are some of our favourite Australian bands at the moment and to share a stage with them would be amazing. As for the venue, we would love to play at Amplifier bar since we all love going there and watching the live bands that play there.”

What’s the writing process like for you guys? Do you come in with a riff and jam on it to see how things unfold, or do you each write whole songs or is it something else?

“Brady or Luke usually comes to a jam session with a riff, and then we work on it from there. We tend to just play out riffs as a band and see where they go. If we get a good structure working, then we usually make a song out of it. Simple as that! But that’s not to say we create simple songs. We always try and add as much of our personal influences to it as possible.”

What’s happening with future recordings? Is there an EP or an album in the works?

“We’re planning to record an EP sometime this year, which we are already excited about.”

A New Year, what do hope to achieve in 2013?

“Continue gigging as much as possible while having as much fun as we did in 2012.”

Check out what the trio have to offer on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

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