Interviews — 01 February 2010
Interview – An Interview With Tomas Ford

After an extensive national tour to promote his new EP Bash Myself,  returns to Perth to headline our very own Birthday Bash for the Queen, this Sunday 27th September at the Rosemount Hotel. “The tour was really intense,” says . “There were so many highs and lows packed into it that I didn’t have time to properly experience them all and they’re still decompressing in my brain. But it was, for the most part, a really great experience.”

Over the past few years Ford has managed to develop himself a rather sizable cult following here in Perth and also in other parts of Australia. “It takes a long time to break a city. Perth gets what I’m doing pretty well now,” he says. “In some parts of the country I’ve got a solid following, but even then what I do is still at a cult level over there. Every time I’m over there I’m playing mostly to people who won’t have seen me before. There’s always a chunk of people who are dragging their friends along to see me after having seen me before, I’d be worried if there wasn’t.”

It’s hard to describe what being at a gig is like, as most people who have seen him play would understand. In his own words, Ford has this to say. “My shows are about trying to create a connection with as much of the audience as possible that I can use to make something exciting happen in the room,” he explains. “It’s about trying to have the weirdest, most unexpected fun possible. I play electro-pop dance music and croon while I’m doing it, swap in and out of costumes and flash a DIY lighting rig. It’s a lot of fun.”

Ford has had the privilege of playing alongside some big name bands in during his career, having been part of numerous tours and also festivals such as the Big Day Out. So which band stands out most to him? “Birds Of Tokyo. It was so unexpected for both them and me, but my sets were successful with their audience beyond anybody’s expectation,” he reflects. “It was also a great tour to be part of socially. It opened my eyes to how much fun it can be to tour with other people; touring by yourself is a very different experience. It feels a lot more like business. Whereas touring with a group feels a bit more like a school camp. I like both.”

Ford is set to play alongside a host of different musical genres at the Queen’s Birthday gig, which includes hip hop by local up-and-comer MATHAS, something Ford is excited about. “Seriously, if you’ve got any, you should drop your defences about oz hip hop,” he urges. “Mathas is a great performer and what I’ve heard of his new record is really strong. He’s got a really conversational, kind of storytelling approach to hip hop that I think is quite unique. I’m happy to watch him perform anytime, so it’ll be nice to be on the same line up.”

Playing alongside Ford on Sunday night will be a showcase of local talent featuring OFF BEAT ANTICS along with MATHAS, plus SAM CARMODY AND A TOWN CALLED PANIC.

Entry is FREE and what’s a birthday party without cake? “I’m hoping for one of those Women’s Weekly birthday cakes where they make little scenes out of cake and bits of lollies,” says Ford. “My favourite is a sponge cake pool party complete with cellophane water, lollipop children and liquorice fence.” Well, it may not be as extravagant as that, but there will surely be no disappointment – this will be the best party the Queen will ever have!

Interview by Sophie Sneddon


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