News — 19 March 2012
Heytesburg ‘PÝR’ EP Launch this Weekend

Emerging from the shadows of the Perth music scene, deliver their atmospheric concoction of psych industrial rock with both purpose and ambition. At times abrasive and discordant yet often reflective and mysterious, they weave their subtle strains of ambient post-punk melodies and militaristic power beats into something that can only be described with one word – unique

PÝR; Greek for ‘fire’, is as its title suggests: a harrowing and bleak commentary on the world of today and the contagion of greed and corruption that has swept around the globe. Musically; the band has evolved from their debut EP From The River I Come, To The Desert I Go to deliver a more direct and confronting sound, albeit with the same emphasis on atmospherics and ambience. Sub-bass synths, haunting keyboard samples and primal sequenced rhythms meld with distorted ring modded guitars and a thumping machine-like rhythm section, creating a style of grimy, reverberant industrial rock unlike any other. But lyrically, the band still delivers the same dark imagery and underlying thematic connections that made their debut EP a stand out.

Lead single Epi-Primate gutturally announces the EP as it weaves mysterious synth lines over a vicious pounding beat. One Below The Pyre immediately commands the listener’s attention with its crushing industrial rhythm and haunting vocal lines whilst The Keepers Of The Caste features ominous synth pulses and a devastating crescendo. And perhaps as testament to the creativity of the band and diversity that they bring to their music, the final hidden track is what it is; a striking mix of tribal shouts and atonal noise propelled by a cacophony of metallic sequences that has to be heard to be understood.


Saturday 24th March
The Rosemount Hotel
w/ , and The

Friday 27th April
The Prince Of Wales
w/ The and

Saturday 28th April
The Norfolk Basement
w/ The , Control-Control and

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