News — 01 August 2012
Friends Of Brian Return For Special One-Off Performance

The stars have finally aligned and for the first time in more than 10 years,  return with the original five-piece on Friday 10th August at The Railway Hotel.  Playing all their hits including ‘Morning Ditty’, ‘Similar Kiss’ and ‘Angel Eyes’, this special one-off performance is bound to give some brand new ones as well as conjure up fond memories of the good ol’ days. With a bill that includes dear friends  and Del Mundo Trio, this night is tailored for a wonderful evening of music, smiles and a great people.

’s story is rather unique to most other bands. They formed in 1998, played quite a few gigs around town with some pretty impressive names and even released a CD with a sell-out launch at The Grosvenor. Unfortunately, the lure of a weekly wage, a sturdy career, moving to other parts of the world and parenthood, seemed to have deprived them of the opportunity to continue like they once did.

This was a tragedy for Brian who was anticipating them making quite a lot of money out of this so he could take them to the cleaners for exploiting his name. This is his last ditch effort to get something out of this. With massive time-restrictions not allowing the band the rehearsal time they wish, Brian is still optimistic. Maybe this gig could be the one. Maybe, Richard Branson or some music-loving philanthropist may pop in and decide to pour millions into starting a new record company after seeing them play.  Maybe this could be enough for Jeff to leave his New York City high-life for good and for everyone to have nanny’s while they pack out Westfield shopping centers all over Australia.

You may want to come to this gig. It could be the one!

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